Our offer

Material - At the beginning of each production process there is a need to get the source material. We store metallurgical material in a warehouse where up to 60 tons of metal sheets and 500 tons of bar material can be kept.

Machining - in order to be successful in today’s highly competitive market we had to upgrade our machinery. Today we have three machining centres with a horizontal spindle, six machining centres with a vertical spindle and twelve NC lathes. In addition to that we use the standard technical equipment such as the boring machines, milling machines, lathes, etc.

Machining of metal sheets two CNC machines with mutually complementary functions enable us to meet the requirements of all our customers. The punching CNC centre with its right angle shears is an ideal device for the production of panels, doors and boxes, whereas the laser-cutting machine enables us to machine work-pieces of more complicated shapes. We use our three CNC folding brakes to fold the products and put them into their final form.

Pressing the pluriserial and customized production is sometimes realized on standard eccentric presses. These ensure a problem-free design and production of mechanical tools.

Welding- the completion of weldments is carried out by our welding robot and a couple of welding workstations.

Surface finishing
varnishing-since 2004 we have been able to use our own powder spray booth Ideal Line. The process of varnish coating includes a preliminary anticorrosive treatment and zinc phosphatizing.
metal coating- we cooperate with a number of suppliers. In cooperation with these companies we can provide all sorts of electrolytic degreasing, zinc dipping or metalliszing.