Welding and jointing technologies




Joints can take different forms. Besides the common welding technologies we can offer you joints produced by spot welding and hydraulic riveting methods. If an unusual emphasis is placed on the quality and speed of the delivery we produce the joints by means of our welding robot.



Welding Robot

Name Table dimensions No.of tables Gas Added material Max. load capacity
(mm) ( pcs. ) ( kg )
Almega AX – V6L with travel 1000*1500       2 Corgon C113, f1f1,2 2×1000
Almega EX – V6Lwith rotation 1000*15000       2 Corgon C113, f1f1,2 3×300

Robotic Grinder

Robot Technologie Work area
Robot  OTC 133 Robotic grinder with force-control ,   spindle grinder and belt grinder Grinding materials 3M Cubitron , TRIZACT   P36 – P240 , A400 – A30 Two working areas 1500 x 1250 x 500

Spot Welders

Type Material thickness Gap depth Note
(mm) (mm)
pneumatic 3 + 3 450
foot-operated 2 + 2 400
foot-operated 1 + 1 500

Welding Equipment

Name Process Max. current Gas Added material Note
Fronius VARIOSTAR 247 MIG/MAG 240 CO2,Corgon Ar+CO2 C113, f0.8-1 unalloyed steel
VARIOSTAR 317G MIG/MAG 300 CO2,Corgon Ar+CO2 C113, f0.8-1.2 unalloyed steel
FroniusVARIOSTAR 357G MIG/MAG 350 CO2,ArCorgon Ar+CO2 C113, f0.8-1.2 Al wire f1 CrNi steel, unalloyed steel , Al
AUTOMIG200 XE MIG/MAG 200 CO2,Corgon Ar+CO2 C113,f1-1.2 unalloyed steel

Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Table dimensions Max. height Note
(mm) (mm)
650 x 450 x 1200 320 / 800* Taumel BK 300



* - lenght of the shaft parts